Why The Onion Is The Most Sensual of All Foods.

Forget chocolate, forget oysters, forget strawberries covered in chocolate. We reveal the most sensual food you could ever eat.

It has been overlooked for far too long. Some say that the onion is harsh in flavor, difficult to chop and sometimes the flavor overpowers the dish. However, we are offering you a different outlook on the onion. 

Imagine if you will the onion being a metaphor for an intense love affair. One in which teases you with every reveal of a new layer and draws you in deeper into the core. It takes time to peal away all those outer layers that protect the core, and sometimes tears are involved, but after all the hard work is complete, the beautiful center bulb is revealed. 

But don't take our word for it.

Metaphor author J. D. Casnig says it best when he writes

The Seven Veils of the Onion

"The onion is the stripper of metaphors - layer upon layer of mystique with no certain end. The truth is, it is the journey to the core that makes the tease. There is far more suspense to the Dance of the seven veils than there is to a towel falling off."

Still not convinced?

We suggest trying a jar of our delicious pickled red onions for yourself. Perhaps for Valentine's Day? What a unique gift idea that would accompany Mr. Casnig's quote perfectly.

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