Seeking Funding Through Kickstarter

It has been a long journey to get to where we are today. A ton of onions, a lot of pickling and some tears:) We are so grateful for the support and the customers who have become fans. 

After spending the summer of 2019 looking to outsource the production of our pickled red onions, we have decided to keep the process inhouse and in the state of Maine.

We are moving! Only down the street to a 2,000sq.ft. facility which will provide plenty of storage and production capacity. We are hoping to fill our facility with a mix of used and new kitchen equipment but need capital in order to do so. 

Instead of going the traditional route and taking out a loan from a bank, we have decided to try to fund our expansion through Kickstarter. 

Checkout our campaign here!

Without the support of you, the fans, this expansion would not be possible. 

Thank you,

Christina Charette
La Cebolla Roja

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  • Great taste. A fun twist to your favorite foods. Loved it so much I sent my father a jar.


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