The Greatest Foods Start At Home.

Like some of the elite specialty food products on the market today, we started in our home kitchen and now have outgrown our space. Be part of our expansion project as we offer our handcrafted pickled red onions to grocery stores and specialty food stores across the U.S. 


We believe food should be wholesome and taste great. That's why we only use simple ingredients. You will NOT find any artifical colors, flavors or preservatives in our foods.

Who We Are

La Cebolla Roja is a small batch specialty food company specializing in making pickled red onions. And because that is all we do, we do it best!

What People Are Saying About Our Product

SO GOOD. If you're trying to achieve that amazing taco or salad or sandwich you had at a restaurant once, this does the trick!

Rebecca Penn

These taste great, can go on almost any food.

Ted Smithwick

Amazing taste! I eat these with almost everything and recommend this to all my friends.

Fred L. Chavez